Louise Turner


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Artist Statement 

As an artist Turner is inspired by the world around her. This could involve manny subjects, including nature, politics, landscapes. local people and industries as well as her upbringing. Growing up in North East England she was always surrounded by heavy industries such as the steel works. As well as this she was always surround by Nature being brought up on the edge of Darlington, she spent much of her childhood and life on the farms surrounding her. Due to this she developed a large appreciation for native animals and species. Many native animals are in decline and need to be notice so this has developed in her work. 


Turner uses mostly a limited colour palette, using both acrylic and oils with elements of mixed media. Turner builds up her pieces in an expressionistic style with lots of texture and varied brush strokes. She even creates her own paint for her pieces using natural and industrial materials such as coal, dirt and rust. After graduating with a BA His in Fine art at the University of Derby she continues to experiment with different materials and subject matters and continuously researches new artists and subject matters. Symbolism has become a large fascination for her in recent works such as symbolism of animals and native animals especially. Although not complete told to the audience of her works, understanding meaning is an important element to her way of working. 

As well as painting Turner continues to draw in a range of mediums. Mostly being ink and pen works. Turner works in a realistic yet expressionist style and continues to try and improve and experiment with mediums and techniques both modern and traditional ways. 



August 2020

Cornerstone Arts, Window Exhibition Space



Art in the Pen Online



Graduate Exhibition, Derby Cathedral, Derby 



Art in the Pen, Thirsk 

June 2019

W.I.P , Britannia Mill, University of Derby


A Second Commission for Office, JTM Plumbing, Darlington

June 2018

Synergy, Second Year Degree Show, Riverlights, Derby

March 2018

Site Specific Commission, JTM Plumbing, Darlington

November 2016

Extended Context 1, Site Specific project, St warburg Church, Derby

June 2016

Foundation End of Year Show, The Northern School of Art, Middlesbrough



"Shout About Art", Hurworth



End of Year show for A-levels, The Northern School of Art, Middlesbrough



"Shout About Art", Darlington


2016 to 2019

BA Hons Fine Art, University of Derby

2015 to 2016

Foundation Degree in Art and Design, The Northern School of Art, Middlesbrough

2010 - present
2010 - present

Aug 2020 - Current

Cornerstone Arts, Darlington