Shadows of Workers

Hands as Portraits 

“Shadow of Workers” is a project focusing on manual labour and how these kinds of workers are portrayed. Coming from a family that has experience of these jobs, and being surrounded by remnants of heavy industries was and is a huge influence for Turner's work. Within this work she wants to show some realism around the jobs and help to raise awareness of the skills needed for such work. These are not just “dirty jobs”. Turner started looking at Industry in the North East, as this is where she is from. “Shadows of Workers” evolved from this idea through a bit of time painting and producing images. Through production of this work she found the subject of hands intriguing and hopes she can develop this idea into future projects. 


Hands have always been a fascination for Turner because she sees them as portraits of their own. A portrait is meant to show emotion, personality and small details of that particular person. She believes just a persons hand can show all this. Although it is ambiguous imagery, hands show many details of a person and their personal life. This may be from easy to notice things like a wedding band to the roughness of skin, showing they are married or who works hard. Within my paintings she has the hands doing or holding something relating to industry. This may be holding a tool or tying shoe laces. Other things show detail such as oil on hands.