Cornerstone Arts

Window Display

Cornerstone Arts is the new community Arts centre in Darlington. Turner has been volunteering here doing a variety of jobs. Darlington lost its Art centre many years ago and since then Darlingtons Art industry and life has slowly dies. Turner's large passion is keeping her hometowns heritage alive as well as its art scene wether this is painting, sculpture, music or performance. The space is large and open and can accommodate many types of arts. It is open now to the public. Links shall be posted at the bottom of this page to the spaces social medias and websites. 

Turner was given the Window space on the outside of the building. She made the decision to exhibit her Native Animal Series. This choice was made because these pieces are very striking and grab peoples attentions to then try to encourage them to come into the gallery and see the rest of the work. All these works are oil paintings on stretched canvas. The pieces are based on native animals from the UK are are still available for purchase.

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