Destructive Generation

Second Year Module

These works are about the generation the artist is associated with. The problems we go through and what seems to be growing problems. These problems include addiction, debt and overuse of technology. Using multiple layers of paint and collage she has hinted at these elements and hope people can relate 

The square patterns resemble how we try and create organisation and live in a world of chaos. These are wonky and uneven to suggest this doesn't really happened in the way we want. The packaging resembles addiction whether this be drugs, tobacco, or even caffeine and energy drink. The receipts suggest the massing debt within this generation. The increasing student debt, lower incomes and increasing living costs (for example food costs, electricity bill and mortgages) all affect this. 


The artist wants her work to show people that a lot of younger generation do try and not to stereotypically put them with people that don't try and just sit around doing nothing for themselves. However they are allowed to make mistakes and be the outcast and be driven and different. Everyone has our own part in society and shouldn't be driven out or singled out for any reason.