Destructive Generation

Synergy was an exhibition that Turner created in her Second year of her degree as part of a group show with all second years. It was created at Riverlights in Derby and was held for a week. They came up with the name Synergy as it means the coming together to create something and they believed this fit what were were intending to do.

These works are about the generation that artist is associated. The problems they go through and what seems to be growing problems within that generation. These problems include addiction, debt and overuse of technology. Using multiple layers of paint and collage she has hinted at these elements and hope people can relate.

The square patterns resemble how they try and create organisation and patterns in a world of chaos. These are wonky and uneven to suggest this does really happened in the way we want. The packaging resembles addiction whether this be drugs, tobacco, or even caffeine and energy drink. The receipts suggest the massing debt this generation is having to deal with. Limited support. increasing student debt and lower wages all contribute to this issue. The canvases below suggest that even art has less importance to people especially the younger generations. We have the "that will do attitude". This is why they are stacked and just randomly places underneath as if left abandoned and half displayed.